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At last, we are at the conclusion of this journey through this incredible park, considering its size.
We had the chance to see and appreciate very different species and got to finally see them in real life.


A venue of vultures on a tree.

This was my first safari and I truly loved it. My first but not my last.
In fact, in 2 weeks I am going to undertake another and much longer challenge: Murchison Falls National Park.


Skulls of several animals, including an hippo (the largest one).

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Hey there,
today I will talk a bit of Nakawa Farmers Market (or simply Nakawa Market), in Kampala.
The market is located in the Nakawa district and is a place where a lot of people sell their goods; from clothes to fresh vegetables and fruits.
Very busy and hectic, the market is the best place to find fresh products at a cheap price. Most of the times the price needs to be bargained, especially if you are a foreigner. It can happen that the price is even doubled from the original one and it takes determination, a bit of skill and some patience in order to get a fair price on the merchandise.
For now, I took only a panoramic picture of the market; but I assure you that the market itself is far more interesting.
I might head there tomorrow with a friend from work and take some more pictures. For the moment, I let your imagination work out how it might look like.
Have a great afternoon.

Hey pals, here is my first Image of the Day post from Kampala (Uganda). These are very simple images that can still show quite a bit of the area in which I’m currently living. The whole area is called Kinawataka (Ki is read ‘Chi’) and specifically in Kireka. My accommodation is located in the Kireka part, very close to the slums.
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Hey there!
Finally, I managed to get back to the Interwebz, so that I can update the blog a bit.
I find myself in Uganda, and specifically in Kampala. Amazing city, really.
Totally different from anything I experience in my life. I felt like in one of those ‘on the road’ documentaries, where they show the very active and busy streets, even at late night.
I haven’t had the chance to take any interesting picture, mainly because I feel I should get acquainted with the surroundings before pulling out my camera. Yeah, I admit it, I am still quite afraid to take any picture in public, especially in some areas, such as the market or the slums, although they are surely the places where to capture the most interesting shots.
I am trying to get to know as many people as possible around the place I currently live, so that I won’t seem too much of a stranger to them, in the long run.
I found already that I really love passion fruits!
First Impressions:
Kampala is a very active and busy town, which you realize only when you find yourself on a boda-boda trying to sneak around the several trucks and cars on the road (yeah, very dangerous!).
People here are commonly very friendly and polite, although some of them often try to overcharge foreign people.
Also the kids are very friendly and say hi/bye to the passing strangers, usually adding mzungu (word use for denoting a ‘white’ person).
So, don’t feel uncomfortable if some young child says ‘Bye mzungu’, because it will happen quite often, especially if walking by slums.
I usually take the time to say hi to the kids and introduce myself, as well as asking their name (and trying to remember it); in that way, I hope, they won’t remember me as one of the many mzungus who crossed their life.
I actually happened to meet a kid I met the day before and, this time, he greeted me by name (that really made my day!).
The movie:
We managed to shoot all the scenes we needed in 4 days and now the post-production phase began.
By the end of the month, I hope, we will get some footage that I can actually show!
I will try to start taking some pictures as soon as possible and do something similar to what I did in Croatia (Image of the day).
Take care for now.

After having postponed this trip for quite some time, I finally went to visit the Island of Lokrum. This island sits right in front of the Old Port of Dubrovnik and has a very strong impact on the landscape.
To get to the island, you need to get a ticket for a boat that leaves every 30 min from the Old Port and the trip is around 15 min.
As the island has plenty of areas and places to visit, I will split this trip into several posts, coming the next days.

As promised here is an update with, finally, some pictures.
With today I would like to start posting pictures everyday; I know it could be a hard job, but who said it would be easy?
In each post I will also add a description, just to give the picture a clearer context. It is supposed to be some sort of photo-documentary of the places I go.
The posts will be shorter, but more frequent; hopefully my Internet connection will allow me to do so.
Ploce Gate
I start this project with my visit to the Ploče Gate (Vrata od Ploča), the Eastern entrance to the Old Town (Grad). It is very close to where I live and it is one of the two main entrances to the Grad.
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Hey guys,
so? Did you try this thing out? If so, how did it go?
I tried it, and I really enjoyed it. It was like ‘Bring your camera at work day’, instead of a child. Yes, because I had to work that day. I was planning to go somewhere really awesome and special, and then I ended doing overtime on saturday.. Really bad. But at least I really filmed what I usually do during my normal days, here in Canada.
I will upload my videos soon, maybe tomorrow, today it seems to be really crowded and slow the upload page.
[Smarties experiment]
[Every picture has been taken with a Nikon D5000]
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Hey guys!
Sorry if I did not write anything these last days, but I have been busy: working, researching and preparing a huge birthday cake for a close friend on the wrong date (that was really a huge surprise, in fact I made a mistake and I made the party in the wrong day ç_ç).
Today at least I found the time to write again something about this project ‘ Life in a Day ‘. I spent some time thinking how I would like to show a day of my life: maybe doing something special, going somewhere incredible, but then I realized that it wouldnt be a real day of my life, so I decided to just film my life from my point of view (kinda first person movie), where I show what I do during a typical day. In fact, even if tomorrow is saturday, I am going to work, and tomorrow I try to create my footage.
And you guys? Are you going to give it a shot? I mean, that’s something that everyone can keep for himself and show it to his/her children in 10 years. Wouldn’t it be cool? And then if you are lucky and/or interesting, you might end up on a movie.
Let me know, I am really curious, I have already seen some ideas, and they were all awesome. And you know why? Because they were simple, and showing what a normal person thinks and does in his ‘normal’ life. I dont like calling a life ‘normal’, because every single life is amazing and fantastic. Something I do here in Canada (where I live right now) might be boring for a person who lives in US, but it might be awesome for a person who lives, for example, in Argentina or Italy.
C’mon guys, take out your camera and film!
Here is the link:

Hello guys,
today nothing special to highlight so far, for this reason I thought I could post some shots I’ve taken with the camera.
Days ago I bought a Nikon D5000 and during my tutorial, using the user manual, I have tried to get my first good shots.
I am pretty satisfied of my camera, the money worth the quality and the sensation it gives.
Here is some of my first shots using a real SLR:


[A fly stopped by on my cup]
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