Hey guys,
so? Did you try this thing out? If so, how did it go?
I tried it, and I really enjoyed it. It was like ‘Bring your camera at work day’, instead of a child. Yes, because I had to work that day. I was planning to go somewhere really awesome and special, and then I ended doing overtime on saturday.. Really bad. But at least I really filmed what I usually do during my normal days, here in Canada.
I will upload my videos soon, maybe tomorrow, today it seems to be really crowded and slow the upload page.
[Smarties experiment]
[Every picture has been taken with a Nikon D5000]
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Hello guys,
nice day today. At work I worked on a new project and I enjoyed the experience, and the weather was not that bad (some rain that only cooled down the temperature).
Yesterday, while shopping at Dollarama (a discount shop where – by definition – everything should cost just 1$; even if, for some articles, the price is higher) I noticed some soap bubble containers, and I thought that I have actually never taken pictures of soap bubbles, and I thought (as usual): ‘Why not?’.
[Pictures taken with a Nikon D5000]
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