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After having postponed this trip for quite some time, I finally went to visit the Island of Lokrum. This island sits right in front of the Old Port of Dubrovnik and has a very strong impact on the landscape.
To get to the island, you need to get a ticket for a boat that leaves every 30 min from the Old Port and the trip is around 15 min.
As the island has plenty of areas and places to visit, I will split this trip into several posts, coming the next days.

The Old City Harbor of Dubrovnik (Porat) is a very active area of the town, where many people go either for getting on boats to the near islands or to just relax watching the horizon and listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. Continue Reading

Yesterday, here in Dubrovnik, started the Dubrovnik Summer Festival: “a world famous annual event held in Dubrovnik. A rich program consisting of classical music, theatre performances and dance is performed at more than 70 open-air venues from 10th of July until 25th of August.” (source)

Due to the very high amount of people I didn’t manage to see most of the initial ceremony, started at 21.00, in square Pred lužom. Continue Reading