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This is the view of the town of Dubrovnik during sunrise. I really like the really warm colour the whole Old Town gets during this part of the day.
It certainly took some initiative, as I had to wake up quite early, in order to be in the right spot with the right light. But at the end it was totally worth it.
On my way to the chosen location, I noticed that, just like me, even the town itself was slowly waking up from the just passed night. Streets almost empty, which is a very strange view when used to the constantly coming and going platoons of tourists, starting to populating with people in their early jobs: some of them moving around boxes and packages, some other cleaning around and some other just carrying bread to the nearest bakeries.
Although it is seems hard to wake earlier than usual, sometimes it is just worth it.

From the city walls, Dubrovnik can be seen from above in all its beauty.
The colourful orange-ish roofs, the blue beautiful sea and the green island of Lokrum makes the view amazing.
The city walls tour is a unique experience that anyone should do when in Dubrovnik. It takes few hours, if you are, like me, taking pictures and enjoying the view all the time. Continue Reading

I find the coast near Dubrovnik fantastic. The colour of the water and the rocks make it very enjoyable and fascinating.
If there are any Game of Thrones fans reading, this part of the city has been used throughout the second season: this part of the coast has been especially used during the siege to King’s Landing. In my opinion it is amazing the feeling you get when you manage to recognize the place the actors really are.

On my way back home from work, right after entering the Grad from the Pile Gate, I noticed this artist; what surprised me was his skill to play more than one instrument at a time (actually 3) and still being able to play a very pleasant song, all by himself.
This shot took quite some time as many people were passing by, either for talking to him or just to visit the outer part of the Old Town; but it was worth it, in my opinion.

Right next to the Pile Gate (Vrata od Pila), the Western entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik, is possible to spot the Fort Bokar.

This very beautiful fortress used as key point for the defense of the city, built from 1461 to 1463 during the reconstruction of the city walls, “stands in front of the medieval wall face protruding into space almost with its whole cylindrical volume.” (source)
The sea and the sky, creating a strong contrast of colours, enhance its beauty and somehow smooth its rough look.

The Old Town with its Stradun, its shops, churches, museums and restaurants is surely enjoyable, but I believe the tiny stairways are the true beauty of this part of the city, which are actually some sort of street.

These streets are very long and steep and they surely are breathtaking, both literally and not.
Did I mention they are really long? Mmmh, perhaps I did… Maybe I am just complaining because to get to my apartment it takes a lot of steps. Continue Reading

As promised here is an update with, finally, some pictures.
With today I would like to start posting pictures everyday; I know it could be a hard job, but who said it would be easy?
In each post I will also add a description, just to give the picture a clearer context. It is supposed to be some sort of photo-documentary of the places I go.
The posts will be shorter, but more frequent; hopefully my Internet connection will allow me to do so.
Ploce Gate
I start this project with my visit to the Ploče Gate (Vrata od Ploča), the Eastern entrance to the Old Town (Grad). It is very close to where I live and it is one of the two main entrances to the Grad.
In the past, the draw bridge was used to be pulled up at night to prevent the passage of ‘uninvited’ visitors. Continue Reading