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The arrival in Rovaniemi was nice and smooth, despite my host not being around at the time (she was working as a nurse at the ER). Her brother was there and he kept me company in the evening. We tried out the house-sauna and afterwards jumped in the snow. Freezing amazing! (quite lame, I am aware.)


Delimitation of the Arctic Circle (the blue light) at the Santa Claus village

Rovaniemi is a small town where the highlights are the Arktikum museum, the art museum and the Santa Claus village just on the outskirts.
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Working in a hostel, you often hear people visiting specific attractions or, perhaps, you might even be the one suggesting some of those places. For us, the problem was that we hadn’t had the chance to go around much in the first few days.
One of the many beautifully sunny days in Shkoder, we managed to get half a day off to bike around the town.
With our bikes, we knew where we wanted to go: Lake Shkodra. It is one of the main attractions of Shkodër and it’s just about 10 minutes away from the hostel by bike, we just had to go there.
We crossed a very unsafe-looking wooden bridge and continued onto a road which lead to the lake.
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Hello folks,
last weekend, together with some friends, I went to Ssese Islands, near Entebbe, and stayed there overnight; specifically on the Bugala island, which is the largest island of the archipelago.
It took quite some time to get there: Entebbe is some 3 hours away from Kampala and the ferry from Nakiwogo to Bugala takes other 3 hours.
Although long, the trip was totally worth it.
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how are you guys?
This is going to be a long post, since I had less time than expected I am going to fill various articles all together.
As I announced in a previous post, yesterday I went to Mt.Tremblant (Quebec – Canada). I went there with some friends; we’ve kayaked on the Lac-Monroe and then went to the International Blues Festival in Mt. Tremblant Village.
Where we went kayaking was simply awesome; it really reminded me some places in World of Warcraft (I played that game soo much, that now every place reminds me a zone in that game).
Obviously I did not take any pictures while kayaking, I did not want to risk to ruin my brand-new camera.
Here is some shots of the area:
[Amazing landscape, we have kayaked on this lake. Imagine the feeling you have while being there, alone with you, a very close friend and water.]
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