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how are you guys?
This is going to be a long post, since I had less time than expected I am going to fill various articles all together.
As I announced in a previous post, yesterday I went to Mt.Tremblant (Quebec – Canada). I went there with some friends; we’ve kayaked on the Lac-Monroe and then went to the International Blues Festival in Mt. Tremblant Village.
Where we went kayaking was simply awesome; it really reminded me some places in World of Warcraft (I played that game soo much, that now every place reminds me a zone in that game).
Obviously I did not take any pictures while kayaking, I did not want to risk to ruin my brand-new camera.
Here is some shots of the area:
[Amazing landscape, we have kayaked on this lake. Imagine the feeling you have while being there, alone with you, a very close friend and water.]
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