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During our stay in Istanbul, we were hosted by a good friend of mine who also acted as our personal guide and activity planner.
One day, together with some new friends, we planned to go to spend a day at the island of Büyükada, barbecuing and chilling on the hills.


Sunset on the way home

In the morning, we headed to the ferry, got to Büyükada and fetched our beloved Çiğ köfte (both the vegetarian and the meat version) and bread from some locals. With our supplies in hand, we walked to the location: a hill overlooking the sea.
Our team of 5 managed, after a conspicuous amount of time, lit a rather decent fire for the barbecue. The time was mainly due to going through all the different strategies and techniques for making a fire which each of us could come up with.
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This post is the third in a set of publications which will describe the last trip I did in East Africa, back in August, leading me to Zanzibar and back again. Read the second post here.
The next morning was, as usual, an early one. The ferry to Zanzibar would leave at around 16.00, so I thought to quickly get a glimpse of Dar Es Salaam before the departure.
Dar Es Salaam, with its almost omnipresent sand, gave me a feeling of how I imagine a city in the Middle East.
After having visited the Village Museum and eaten chips mayai for lunch (omelette with French fries in it; it might not sound much but I find it great!), I was ready to finally catch the ferry to Zanzibar!
On the ferry, gazing at the seemingly endless body of water between Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar,  I could finally relax: “I am almost there!”
If I wanted to make this moment dramatic, I would probably compare myself to some sailor who, after months of navigation, yells ‘Tierra! Tierra!’ when he sees land, but, to be honest, the ferry took not more than 2 hours. But I definitely felt happy; that kind of happiness that puts a smile on your face without having to do it manually.
After having travelled more than 1500 km (this website says ‘1570.407’), in about 4 days, I was finally there. I was in Zanzibar!
The sunset made everything look paradisiacal and the fact that most of the locals were dressed up for the Eid festival (the end of the Ramadan) greatly improved my first impression.
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Hello folks,
last weekend, together with some friends, I went to Ssese Islands, near Entebbe, and stayed there overnight; specifically on the Bugala island, which is the largest island of the archipelago.
It took quite some time to get there: Entebbe is some 3 hours away from Kampala and the ferry from Nakiwogo to Bugala takes other 3 hours.
Although long, the trip was totally worth it.
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Hey there,
after a long and nice weekend at Bugala island (the biggest island of the Ssese islands, in the Lake Victoria, Uganda), today I feel very slow; so, I am going to publish a short post.

Sunset in Kampala.

Sunset in Kampala.

Sign stating the 'official' source of the river Nile, the longest river in the world.

Sign stating the ‘official’ source of the river Nile, the longest river in the world.


The last ship from Lokrum leaves at 8pm, people cannot stay on the island after that time.
Knowing at which time the sun would set, I took the 7.30pm boat to get back to the old port.
I expected to see a sunset, but I would have never thought it would be so spectacular from the boat.
The people, with their boats, sailing and fishing only made it more amazing.

Sunset from Mount Srd

After a quick look to the map, today I decided to go to Fort Impérial, at the top of Mount Srd.

Having forgotten the map at home, I had to rely purely on my instincts. That meant a very long walk; but a the end I managed to get to the beginning of the path that would lead me to the top of the mountain. Continue Reading