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The bus to Istanbul almost felt like being on an airplane: hostesses, a screen for each passenger, treats and snacks included. That one was definitely the best bus I have ever been on.
Once we arrived in Istanbul, we headed to the Asian side (Istanbul is in 2 continents: one part in Europe and another in Asia), where a good friend of mine was waiting for us.
After a short break, we directly went to the center. At the time, there was the ‘Asırlık Tatlar ve Sanatlar Çarşısı’, which in English translates to: ‘Centuries-Old Tastes and Arts Bazaar’.


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It was a one-street market where people would show traditional arts and foods (as the name suggests).
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Hello guys,
yes yes, I know.. butterflies have nothing to do with burgers and even less if they are monster burgers.
But I wanted to put together these two different subjects and post them into the same post (repetition).
I will start with the Butterflies, way healthier than the monster burgers.
Yesterday I have been amazed by a gorgeous butterfly flying around my small, but still, awesome garden:
[Every picture has been taken with a Nikon D5000, and of course they fall under the copyright of this blog]
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