Bosnia ed Herzegovina

The arrival in Sarajevo turned out to be quite an adventure: in the middle of a rainstorm, in a cab with a very brave/wild/crazy driver who, after about 40 minutes of U-turns, unexpected change of lanes and getting out of the car to ask for directions, finally reached our destination. He was a nice guy and we did our best to communicate with some mix of English and Croatian, but perhaps not the best ride.


Here I got a massive, great watermelon. This started my ‘watermelon hunt’, which lasted throughout the whole trip.

I found the town of Sarajevo to have many faces: the more modern and high-end part of the town in the city center, with beautiful and new buildings unexpectedly appearing along the street, the historical old town, and the rest, where the buildings still retain metallic mementos of a war gone, not so long ago (read also: Sarajevo Roses.)
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Arriving in Mostar, I was rather surprised as I had not looked up much about the town. The part of the town around the old city is quite different, with many buildings in a state of abandonment and disrepair. Their empty shells showed me the consequences of war and made me understand how perhaps other less popular places in Bosnia ed Herzegovina look. In some parts of town, the contrast between tourist spots and war-torn buildings was very evident.


  Gimnazija “Aleksa Šantić” in Mostar

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