My name is Alberto and I am the creator of this blog.156270_1589029897238_2340251_n Since you are here reading this, I welcome you as well as thank you for taking some of your time to stop by.

One of the things I love is travelling and I try my best to keep on doing it, no matter what.
I started photography in 2009, after leaving my home country (Italy); at the beginning it was just to show my parents and friends where I have been as well as to keep track of my experiences.
Later on, I found myself fascinated by photography itself, not only as a mean to convey information but also feelings and sensations.

Slowly it became somehow part of my daily habits and now I would not imagine myself without a camera around.

I have travelled quite a bit, but I have not planned to stop yet.
I end this section with another thanks for visiting the blog and feel free to comment on my pictures, I will truly appreciate.